Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Should I wear my uniform to the Water Base?
A) Yes, uniform should be worn to all Scout Bases.

Q) Can I use the boats by myself?
A) Yes, if you have the correct, current qualification.

Q) How fast do the two Black Zodiacs go?
A) Fast enough; but more important, you should ask how high do they bounce?

Q) Can we sleep over-night at the Water Base?
A) No, but we can direct you to a local hall, such as Baden-Powell Scout Hall, located in Pennant Hills, a 30 minute drive away.

Q) Will a General Day give me qualifications?
A) No, it will only give you lots & lots of fun. Find out how you can obtain qualifications at SWASH by clicking here!

Q) Can my Mum or Dad come?
A) Parents are always welcome to watch – or join in!

Q) Are there Sharks in the water?
A) No, the Crocodiles ate them.

Q) Can I jump out of the Boat?
A) Not unless the skipper jumps out first.

Q) Are water fights allowed?
A) No – but they are highly encouraged.

Q) What do I get for my $50 for a Water Activities Day?
A) $50 is a small price to pay for a brilliant day out on the water! You can expect a full day of sailing and canoeing, plus a wild trip in the Harbour in one of our Commando Zodiacs. You’ll also get lunch and a drink to keep your energy levels at their peak!

Q) Can I get my qualifications renewed?
A) Yes, please email [email protected] to get started.

Q) Can I wear thongs?
A) No. For your safety all footwear must be enclosed – no thongs, no crocs, no sandals!