Power Boating Workshops are held over 2 days and allow 12-16 year olds to get their Junior Power Boating Licence, and over 16s to get their Full licence! This licence will expand your horizons - literally! For safety reasons there is a maximum of 10 participants per course.

On the day, bring your logbook and we will teach you the practical skills you need to drive a boat. Over the two days, you should fulfill the minimum trips needed to obtain your licence.

Before you go on this course you must undertake a RMS Boating Safety Course: http://myrta.com/maritime-estore/. Practice quizzes to help you pass this course can be found here: http://www.boatingquiz.com.au/

Powerboat Workshop (2 days) - $70 each

Contact the Booking Manager:¬†[email protected]