If you wonder what it is like to fly an aircraft, have fun, challenge yourself and make new like-minded friends, this opportunity is for you!

In close co-operation with our flying training partner, Altocap Flight School, the Air Activity Centre offers a three-day residential introductory flying camp for Venturer Scouts to give you a real taste for learning to fly!

The camp provides five hours of hands-on flying training over three days (Monday to Wednesday) for a maximum number of six participants utilising three of the Scout aircraft.  This really is a fantastic opportunity to learn many of the hands-on skills required to pilot an aeroplane in a fun and relaxed environment.

All practical and theory training is delivered by professional Altocap / Scout flight instructors and each participant receives pre and post-flight briefings. Additionally there are group evening discussions and pre-flight briefings for the following day's training activities and goals.  Visits to local on-field aviation businesses/organisations and facilities may be arranged as well as after dinner aviation specialist guest speakers.

Each participant will receive their own Pilots Logbook and their flying hours verified and recorded.  Participants that choose to continue their flying training are welcome and encouraged to do so as Scout members through the Air Activity Centre. Both hands-on flying and theory training can continue seamlessly in the same aircraft and with the same instructors as during the camp.

The residential camp is held onsite at our Camden Airport base and consists of bunk style accommodation in our reverse-cycle air-conditioned huts.  There are segregated male and female sleeping areas, male and female hot showers, a washing machine and drying line.  There is also a lounge area with a large screen TV and DVD player.

The  camp is fully catered with all meals, drinks and snacks provided.


"The moment I turned 15, I signed up for the January 2018 Air Venture Flying Camp. I got to make cool new friends who all liked flying and aviation. The camp gave me the opportunity to make my dream come true, flying a real aircraft. It was the best week of my whole entire life! I can’t even quantify the amount of excitement and thrill I got out of it."

Charlie Kipping, 1st North Rocks Venturers